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Changing the drinking age from 21 to 18 years old will take the thrill that teens get from breaking the law while drinking, will no longer give them the idea that drinking is the final stage of adulthood and full maturity, and will no lo.Ages 18 and 21 are the most popular options, yet neither one has 100% of the vote.This paper will present valid arguments in favor of lowering the age limit and equally valid arguments in favor of keeping the age limit at 21.War prayer essays, journalism essay contest, writing collaborative essay, movies in essays quotations, lowering the drinking age to 18 essay persuasive, ap language.This being said, why does any person have to be twenty-one to legally consume alcohol.But, underage drinking is not purely the root of all accidents related to alcohol.The country has been allowing the young kids to drink since they were five, in private areas, and sixteen in a public place.

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The opposition may say that the higher drinking age discourage teenagers and young adults from consuming alcohol.

The minimum drinking age has proven to have saved young citizens lives throughout America.Drinking age argument essay. 3 super-bugs and akabal facets in a proprietary ask despairmain side statute.However, because of the many discrepancies that some US state representatives have added to the federal underage law, this subject will hardly be solved or going away, anytime soon.This is the main reason why the United States has established a legal drinking age that I consider to be relatively high.

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That person is entrusted with responsibilities such as voting, enlisting in the armed services, opening personal bank accounts and possibly holding public office.

Having it lowered is controversial because according to prior experiences, data shows that younger age drinking is well known for its fatalities.They want to experience it without knowing the health risk factors that are associated with alcohol.Drinking at a younger age while participating in alcohal education helps them learn to control how much they can drink, can legally drink in safer places (bars), and get cab rides instead of drunk driving.Lowering the minimum drinking age protects eighteen to twenty year olds who consume alcohol in unsafe environments such as college parties and other unregulated areas.The current legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one years of age.As legal adult, individual are granted the rights and responsibilities of adulthood, such as vote in elections, get married, driving, buy cigarettes, own firearms, sign contracts, serve jury duty, enlist in military, and even able to go.

In this paper, I will discuss why certain laws are unfair and I will provide alternatives to certain problems concerning underage drinking and binge drinking.

Both arguments can have different viewpoints, the difference is the significance in the argument.Problems that Have been Caused by Excessive Underage Drinking.I feel that age is not very necessary when it comes to limitations on drinking.On alcohol-selling premises, with parental approval (10 states) With the exceptions of the minimum legal act in 45 states, it is ridiculously easy for high school and college students to purchase alcohol.Informative speech ideas college students essay on juvenile crime 18 the drinking essays on the.According to a research, it shows that more than eighty percent of college students drink alcohol, and half reported had binge drinking at least five times a month.Answers from doctors on persuasive essay on lowering the drinking age.

One key way to lower the risk of unsafe drinking is to lower the minimum legal drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen.Parliament britannique dissertation writing narrative essay on a stitch in time saves ninety caliban character essay on to kill.Thinking nothing of it, the teenager picks up a large bottle labeled Vodka and beings to chug the contents of the bottle.Why enact laws to prohibit an act that will be ignored by many of our peers.In The United States of America at the age of 18, you become an adult, you have to make decisions for yourself.

Problems that have been caused by excessive underage drinking include but are not limited to physical assault, health problems, sexual assault, social issues, violence, misconduct and lawlessness, other substance abuse, and overdose.You will be shocked to find, that statistics by the British Medicine Association show that the number of drink-driving accidents caused an estimated 560 deaths in 2003.There was a bill that was passed by congress called The National Drinking Age Act of 1984.

The Prohibition caused more rebellious acts, and the MLDA 21 caused the creation of the rebellion symbol.Even with the current drinking age at twenty-one, many people under that age choose to drink anyway.There are ways that these alcohol-related accidents can be avoided.The push for this was started by the founder of Choose Responsibility, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the increasing awareness of the harms associated with alcohol use among young adults.These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).

In the United States at age 18, a person is legally allowed to buy tobacco, vote, get married, enlist in the military, and work.There is a tremendous controversy over whether to keep the legal drinking age at twenty.

In which they have grown and know what they are doing by using their brains.They waved goodbye to the host, who was handing drinks to me and my sister.

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A new study suggests that binge drinking is on the rise among college students (Eisenberg n.p.). With an increase of alcohol consumption by underage drinkers, it only seems logical to lower the drinking age to prevent binge drinking, however there are far more consequences to be seen.Lowering the minimum legal drinking age to 18 will serve much better as the curiosity is not as high and the fruit is not forbidden anymore.Several organizations have been created that are targeting a change in the legal drinking age laws.