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Instant Access to Complete Market Research for the Sports and Leisure Industry, Revenues, Forecasts, Statistics, Trends, Products, Teams, and Mailing Lists.Soccer has a higher injury rate than many contact sports, including rugby, basketball and football.

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Yoga is often practiced to alleviate pain, but a new study finds that the rate of injury caused by yoga is almost 10 times higher than previous reports.

The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.Low physical activity increases risk of bladder, kidney cancer.Physical Therapy in Sport is an international peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for the publication of research and clinical practice material relevant to.Qualitative and quantitative research methods are the most commonly used psychological research approaches in sport psychology.Pain mechanism depends on opioids interact with the opiate receptors at different CNS levels.About The Academy. Though systematic research of college soccer is uncommon,.Repeated Effects of Vigorous Interval Training in Basketball, Running-Biking, and Boxing on the Physical Self-Perceptions of Obese Adolescents.

A new study examines the psychological effects of a single exercise session on young women and shows how working out can make us feel stronger and thinner.Are Auditory Distractions Disturbing and Detrimental to the Performance of Expert Golfers.

Research topics in sport science. From. it is expected that by the end of the course you produce one research.Role of neurophysiology in performance and physical strength enhancement is still not very clear and researchers must come forward in this field of study extensively and find the real connection about the imagery and psychological exercise.Finally it addresses the modulatory role of anxiety, fear, and stress on pain.Find general interest, sports related, shoe related and medical related articles, links and file downloads from American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.In this article, we look at stretches which can help manage the pain.LiveScience delves into the psychology, physiology and physics of sports, from new studies in sports medicine to news about professional athletes and information for weekend warriors.Sports Opinion Spanish Text Sets Text sets are collections of articles.

Annals of Sports Medicine and Research is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that brings about latest research happenings in all the clinical and...Myths About Sports Psychology: 32 Misconceptions About The Mental Game Of Sports - Article by Mental Game Coach Bill Cole.List of highly accessed peer reviewed open access articles in Sports Medicine and Sports Doping. 2014 Journal rank, impact factor and indexing details.Ask any sports participant what they love most about their involvement and they are sure to mention the bonds forged with their teammates.

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In addition, many exercise physiologists study the effect of exercise on pathology, and the mechanisms by which exercise can reduce or reverse disease progression.

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To push the physical capability of human with the aid of scientific knowledge is a challenging and cumbersome task.

The role of the specialty has also developed to include expertise in exercise advice, prescription and promotion for general health and in those with chronic medical problems.Mohamed Ali Nabli, Nidhal Ben Abdelkrim, Carlo Castagna, Imed Jabri, Tahar Batikh and Karim Chamari.

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There are many hundreds of journals published in the field of sport science.

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Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) focuses on the acute and chronic effects of sports nutrition and supplementation strategies on body.Provides articles, tips, research, educational tools, and interactive presentations on sports nutrition and exercise science.

The seven most common sports injuries are:Ankle sprain,Groin pull,Hamstring strain,Shin splints,Knee injury: ACL tear,Knee injury: Patellofemoral syndrome (injury resulting from the repetitive movement of your kneecap against your thigh bone),Tennis elbow.Yoko Tanabe, Colin Mclver, Joyce Heron, Satomi Suzuki and Takao Akama.Pneumothorax occurs when air gets in between the lung and the chest wall, causing the lung to collapse.

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British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) is a multimedia portal for authoritative original research, systematic reviews, consensus statements and timely debate in.Testing to see if someone peed in the pool just got a little bit sweeter: Scientists in Canada have developed a new way to test for urine, and it involves measuring how sweet the water is.Find tips on what you can do before and after your sports fitness session to maintain your health.Perceptions of Engaging With a Super-Strengths Approach in Elite Sport.

AASP members also receive an electronic subscription to the journal as a benefit of membership.

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It might not be obvious to those who spend Saturdays cheering on their alma mater on the gridiron, but playing college football is linked to changes that negatively affect the heart.

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The Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (JASP) is a refereed journal designed to advance thought, theory, and research on applied aspects of sport and exercise.Energy Demands and Metabolic Equivalents (METS) in U-19 Basketball.Browse Research articles from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Orthopedic nurses can function as generalists, providing care to all patient populations for a wide range of conditions, and can further specialize in a number of different orthopedic interventions, areas, or disorders.

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Read the latest research on competitive and recreational sports, including information on the occurrence and treatment of sports injuries.Wrist-worn activity trackers offer inconsistent heart rate data.Read about new body sensors to monitor and improve athletic performance, methods of selecting sports teams, and more in our sports science section.

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It includes all the necessary skills to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries in the physically active person.Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.Posts and discussions regarding the latest research relevant to clinicians and students interested in sports medicine.Research revealed on a BBC TV Horizon programme broadcast in February 2012, suggests it is possible to improve some measures of fitness with just 3 minutes of exercise a week.

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Female soccer players suffer the most concussions in high school sports.Extreme sport activities represent the most striking example of acts that go.