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Free cyber crime papers, CyberCrime is Not Real Crime - Cyber Crime is Not Real Crime If a crime This paper seeks to explore a number of.The internet could be considered a type of community of computer networks, therefore we could consider it a society.In summary, this bill even though does not fully tackle all issues of cybercrime in Nigeria, would have been a good starting point.

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Computer crime is a new Problem in our society therefore we must know.Linda Senior Lecturer in Economics, Essay UK Researcher Team.Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time.

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The act then looks at an audit aspect, where it provides that The Presidential Order made under section 3 of the act may require the audit and inspection of any critical national information infrastructure, from time to time, to evaluate compliance with the provisions of the act.Enhance cyber security and the protection of computer systems and networks, electronic communications, data and computer programs in Nigeria.An example of the first category is a break-in to Defense Department Computers.I also feel that their voluntary witnessing of or role in the crime makes it, to an extent, their fault.I personally believe that this part of the act, shows the level of seriousness of this act in the bid to quash cybercrimes.Computer Crime and its effect Computer Crime and its effect on the world What is Computer Crime.Although Nigerian security agencies, particularly the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, have made efforts to tackle this disease, they have had little success, primarily because Nigeria just put a legislation that precisely targets cybercrime or improves Cybersecurity.The Internet has opened up so many things to all of its users: including online shopping, news, weather, email, online games, and just about anything.

The internet requires interaction, and without the voluntary interaction of the victim crimes would never happen.Subsection (3) then provides against the covering up of the act or omission through any device.

If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal.The Nigerian Evidence Act 2011, today by virtue of Section 84 has made it possible for the acceptance of computer generated evidence.

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Cyber Crime essay, buy custom Cyber Crime essay paper cheap, Cyber Crime essay paper sample, Cyber Crime essay sample service online.Section 14 says that service providers are a service provider shall keep all traffic data and subscriber information as may be set by the agency for the time being responsible for the rule of communication services in Nigeria.To punish someone for their words seems irrational, and it will only set off another from of a legal system that often is thought to restrictive as it is in real life.

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This is when you inject a malicious file into a database in order to gain information.It provides in subsection (1) of section 3, that the President may on the recommendation of the NSA, by Order published in the Federal Gazette, designate certain computer systems, networks and information infrastructure vital to the national security of Nigeria or the economic and social welfare of its citizens, as constituting critical national information structure.

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Brenner opens by giving an example of the chaos that a cybercriminal can make and the long distance at which this can occur.Cybercrime is one of the fastest types of growing crime (Anderson, 2013).

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Section 22 is an important part of this act because it confers the jurisdiction to determine cases from this act on the Federal High Court or High Court of a State or the Federal Capital Territory.To this extent, it constitutes a crime which EFCC Act can deal with.First in this part, we see the provision of the act, for offences against critical national information infrastructure in section 5.This does not mean that cybercriminals were at liberty to act as it pleased them but it was just that there was no particular law solely talking about cybercrimes.It then says that the Application of the provisions of the Act shall apply throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.The fact that cyber crime is really only words on a computer screen makes the entire thing seem ridiculous.Cybercrime essay paper. ainsi soient ils critique essay fraternal twins compare and contrast essays great personal essay ban on plastic bags essay writing.

Section 6, says any person who misuses, adapts, imports, manipulates, distributes offers for sale any computer device or computer program designed to commit offences in section 2,3,4 or 5 of the act.Major issues that are prominent in cyber crime and terrorism are that laws vary greatly from country to country.Despite this limitation, there are laws in existence that provide for circumstance construed to include cybercrimes and serve some purpose no matter how limited.

One way to look at the issue is through the approach that yes, cyber rape and other crimes are punishable.We see that this bill spoke generally about prohibiting, punishing, detecting and prosecuting cybercrimes in Nigeria.A person who cheats another person through the internet or use of a computer can be tried under this section.

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It is true that these cyber crimes and their outcomes cross the line from VR to RL in the sense of emotion for many.It then further states the age for a minor or child as regards to this section.

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In subsection 4 of this act, it says that if offence under subsection (1) of this section results to substantial loss or damage to the victim, the offender shall be liable to imprisonment or a fine of nothing less than 10,000,000.

How Caffeine and a Balanced Diet May Influence Memorizing Process.Recent media coverage has been rife with stories of large-scale data breaches, hacks and online financial crime.Section 21 then shows that if any person commits any offence under this act to any critical information as designated in section 19, such a person will be liable to 25 years or a fine of 25,000,000 or both.The paper discusses the concept of cyber-crime at the dawn of the 21st Century.It then say that before anything is considered as critical information, it must be by order published in the federal gazette by the president which could be on recommendation of the NSA.

Any form of fraud originating from a computer is liable to a fine of 7,000,000 or 3 years.Section 7 of the act then talks about forgery committed by a computer.Then subsection (2) shows that a service provider shall, at the request of the relevant authority referred to in subsection (I) of this section or any law enforcement agency.

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Child pornography and related offences, Identity theft and impersonation, Cybersquatting, Cyberterrorism, Racist and xenophobic offences, Records retention and protection of service providers, Interception of electronic communications etc.In section 14, the act talks about Child pornography and related offences.